Issue #4

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Focus on Shelters-
a Nonprofit Segment that reaps big revenue for Agents

Shelters are residential facilities that provide temporary or emergency housing for individuals and/or families who are homeless or temporarily displaced due to circumstances beyond their complete control. The overall majority of shelters are managed and run by nonprofit organizations, however others may be run and/or publicly funded by state, city, or local government agencies.

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Websites for Shelter Listings

The internet is a great resource for finding prospects in this niche of business.

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Cyber-Liability is a Growing concern for Nonprofits-Understanding the Exposures.


Any non-profit or social service organization that either has a computer network, handles confidential information, or collects and transacts with personal identifiable information is at risk of a data breach. This exposure has the ability to pose a significant financial threat to any non-profit or social service organization involved. Traditional insurance policies such as General Liability, Directors & Officers Liability and Crime Coverage typically do not provide protection against a data breach. With the assistance of NIF Group's specialty division NIF Pro, we can secure a Cyber Liability policy to address this exposure.

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