Issue #3

Welcome to the Winter 2012 NIFNonprofitAdvisor Newsletter

Good Risk Management in Foster Care lies in
Selection and Training of Foster Parents

A Portland, Oregon jury awarded $2 million to a foster child abused and starved for two years. A lawyer for the boy identified only as B.D. argued successfully that the Oregon Department of Human Resources failed to protect the child despite repeated reports to a child abuse hotline.

Now 10, the boy testified briefly. He described life in the double-wide trailer that his foster parents and seven other children shared. He said he remembered being forced to sleep in the dog house.

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NIF Group enhances Coverage Forms

NIF Group expands it's professional liability and Package form with NO COST endorsements added to all policies.*

*please note that the complete endorsements are not available in every state

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Proper Coverage for Abuse and Molestation are Critical to a Social Service Agencies Welfare.


While abuse claims and allegations are few in number for a social service agency, the cost in public reputation can be devastating. When you couple that with the cost to defend, plus any potential payment for a judgment, the client can be driven out of business by a single claim.

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