Issue #2

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Affordable Alternative to Unemployment Insurance

Did you know that 501(c)(3) organizations aren't obligated by the government to pay unemployment taxes? Most nonprofits are not aware of this option since the state unemployment office seldom, if ever, provides this  information. Nonprofits can protect themselves by participating in a private unemployment trust such as The Nonprofit Trust. This way of funding unemployment obligations can help nonprofits reduce their costs significantly, especially if the organization has $1,000,000 in payroll or more.

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NIF Group Features New Risk Services Resources.

NIF Group offers practical and easy to understand and implement  FREE risk management material to their agencies and nonprofit clients.  

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Protect your Nonprofit from the Threat of Bed Bugs.


Bed Bugs have become a real problem in hotels, apartments, and temporary living facilities like shelters or transitional housing. They travel easily from place to place via people or animals and nest in beds, bedroom furniture, soft toys, carpets, curtains, cracks in the wall, gaps between wainscoting and floors, and even behind AC power supply sockets.

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