Issue #12

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Wildfire Preparedness

Liberty Mutual provides an easy to adopt Action Plan to protect property from wildfires.

In the past decade, wildfires have burned more than 60 million acres in the U.S. and it is projected that more than 72,000 U.S. communities are now at risk. Have you taken steps to protect your nonprofit and your people?

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Focus on Coverage

Fires and other perils can be stop a nonprofit for carrying out their mission. When their property is uninhabitable they must find ways to carry on. Business interruption insurance can be vital to a Nonprofit’s survival in the event of a loss. Most organizations would never consider opening a business without buying insurance to cover damage due to fire, wind or other perils.

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Nonprofit and/or Social Service Organizations are not immune to lawsuits

Given the violence that has taken place in in our educational facilities; Liberty Mutual shares guidelines on how to conduct drills in schools and shelters that could potentially face a Lock down emergency.

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