Issue #10

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Sexual Abuse Prevention -
Let's protect our fragile clients.

Childhood sexual abuse is a subject that has received much attention in recent years. According to an article published by the American Counseling Association 28% to 33% of women and 12% to 18% of men were victims of childhood or adolescent sexual abuse. Sexual abuse that does not include touch and other types of sexual abuse are reported less often, which means this number of individuals who have been sexually abused in their childhood may actually be greater.

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MRSA - Infection Control for your Staff and Clients

EBOLA VIRUS. SCARY. The CDC (Center of Disease Control) says contracting EBOLA in the USA poses no significant risk. That may not the case of (MRSA) Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. MRSA is a type of bacterium that is resistant to treatment with certain antibiotics.

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Ensuring Fleet and Driver Safety - How GPS Technology Helps Nonprofits Protect Employees, Clients & Residents

Job Safety is critical and should be instilled as a mandatory practice - not a convenience - especially for all businesses and organizations with fleets. In particular, Nonprofit & Social Service agencies often lack the manpower for adequate supervision of employees, dedicated safety managers, and often are completely lacking formal safety training programs. GPS enabled vehicle and driver monitoring can help the often under-funded and under-staffed organizations in identifying problem areas using data and reporting tools. This cost-effective technology solution now offers “Hi-End” capabilities that were once only attainable by larger organizations.

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